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Contents Cleaning and Restoration Services

Contents Cleaning and Restoration Services

Contents Cleaning & Restoration in Tennessee & Alabama

Was your personal property affected as a result of your recent home mishap? Odds are we can clean and restore it! Advances in cleaning technology means that more of your belongings can be salvaged. Apex Restoration DKI has a whole division of the company dedicated to contents restoration. Our crews are certified and experienced and ready to help.

Damage Assessment

Our team will work with you to assess the damage to your belongings and determine what can be restored and what needs to be replaced. Starting the restoration process quickly means stopping further damage and achieving better results – especially with family heirlooms and other personal items.

Contents Restoration

While your home or business is being restored, our contents crew is busy restoring your belongings. Damaged contents are inventoried, cleaned, restored & held at our secure facility until it’s time to move you back in. We understand that your belongings and the way they are handled is as important to you as the restoration of your property.

Replacement Valuation

Not everything can be restored. We will inventory and photograph all of your damaged belongings and provide a replacement cost report for you and your insurance carrier. Proper documentation can mean the difference in being accurately compensated by your insurance carrier.

Specialized Cleaning Systems

As one of the only companies in the area with an Esporta Wash System, we are able to clean and disinfect clothes, bedding, stuffed animals and other soft items. This System is used across America to eliminate 99.9% of mold, fungus, e coli and the staphylococcus bacteria (the strain that causes MRSA) so you can be sure your belongings are clean.

Electronics Recovery

Did you know that even damaged computers, televisions, hard drives, and other sensitive equipment can be restored after a major fire or flood? Effective electronics recovery requires a quick response, so give us a call today!