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Electronics Recovery

Electronics Recovery

South-Central Tennessee Electronics Restoration

South-Central Tennessee Electronics Restoration

If your home has recently been burned or flooded, don’t just assume you’ll have to replace all your damaged electronics and other valuables. Modern contents restoration technologies allow us to restore items that would have been thrown away just a few years ago. Apex DKI will be able to restore many of your damaged goods to their pre-disaster condition.

Bringing your electronics back to life

In many cases, even items that were severely damaged by fire or water can still be recovered. The Apex Restoration DKI contents restoration team can restore just about any electronic item, ranging from big screen TVs to personal computers. Fireline Ultrasonic technology allows us to restore electronics without harming the internal circuitry.

Here are just some of the items that we’ve restored:

  • Home appliances
  • Video game systems
  • Laptop computers
  • External hard drives

Recovery Is Worth It

It saves you time and money

Electronics recovery is much less costly than replacement. In many cases, it can save you hundreds of dollars per item. You don’t even have to worry about the contents being in worse condition—we’ll restore them and you may never know they were affected.

Here’s how the recovery process works:

  • All affected items are sorted and inventoried
  • Recoverable items are sent to our warehouse
  • The items are deep cleaned
  • You get the items back, in fully restored condition
  • Non-recoverable items are itemized and a complete list is provided to you and your insurance company.