fire damage cleanup chattanooga, fire damage repair chattanooga

What To Expect From Fire Damage Pros

The Process The restoration process can be tricky, so you should be sure to hire only certified technicians. This ensures that the problem is addressed correctly the first time. Here are the steps you should expect from a professional fire damage cleanup and restoration company.   Inspection of Home or Commercial Building – Professionals inspect and […]

fire damage cleanup chattanooga, fire damage repair chattanooga

6 Ways To Teach Your Kids Fire Safety

Household fires are dangerous to everyone. Especially small children. The larger the family, the greater the risk of injury in a house fire. Older children are at risk of injury from a fire just as much as everyone else, but they have a much better chance of escaping than a small child. The best way to […]

fire damage cleanup chattanooga, fire damage repair chattanooga

Fire Damage Cleanup Tips: Do’s and Dont’s

Fire damage happens to all of us. It is inescapable. Whether due to something small like a cigarette butt, or as large as an explosion, thanks to a faulty wiring system in your kitchen stove, it strikes without warning and can spread like a virus hits the major parts of the body. When it does […]

fire damage cleanup chattanooga, fire damage repair chattanooga

Buying A Home With Fire Damage

Some people are willing to do anything to get a good deal on a house, and that includes buying a home that has fire damage. This could be an awesome investment because homes that require any kind of fire damage cleanup are vastly undervalued and can even be negotiated down from their already low prices. […]

fire damage cleanup chattanooga, fire damage chattanooga

3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Fire Damage Cleanup After House Fires

Whether your home had a small kitchen fire, a firework mishap burnt the side of your house, or an electrical fire significantly damaged your home, after the fire is extinguished, the thought of dealing with the destruction the fire left in its path is overwhelming. For almost everyone, house fires are not an everyday occurrence, […]

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Step By Step Water Damage Cleanup

After water inundates your home, you’ll do anything to return your home to it’s liveable, pre-damage condition. Choose a full-service water damage restoration company that will create a detailed project timeline for water removal, decontamination, and drying. All restoration projects vary;  the amount of time required for each depends on a variety of factors. There […]

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Household Mold In The Kitchen

Cheese, wine, greek yogurt, sour cream and soy sauce- all are delicious ingredients in the kitchen. Careful fermentation and the use of mold are integral to the quality and flavors that can contribute to a fantastic meal. However, unwanted mold in the kitchen can be a disaster. According to the CDC, exposure to moldy environments […]

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How Concerned Should I Be About A Sewage Leak?

Sewage leaks are one of the most dangerous and destructive forms of water damage. If this type of disaster happens to you, you should be aware of the dangers posed and what you should do to stay safe and take care of the damage done. For the best guidance and help regarding sewage leaks, you […]

water damage huntsville, water damage cleanup huntsville

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Water Damage Cleanup

The first hours after water damage strikes your home or business are a critical time. Depending on the actions you choose to undergo, the damage your property is undergoing can be limited or it can be exacerbated and worsened. Because the few hours after water damage hits your property are so critical, Apex Restoration DKI […]

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